Students wanting to learn about sustainable societies find that the Minor in Sustainable Studies is an interesting and well-rounded program that fits in effortlessly with their current major.

This sustainable studies program prepares students to assume roles of leadership that transform schools or organizations to be models of sustainable living.

With the opportunities to take courses in science, journalism and humanities, undergraduate students in the sustainable studies program have the option to earn a minor that appeals to their interests. Webster students develop an understanding of the challenges involved in sustaining human well-being and environmental health. Analyzing how these concepts affect the entire world, Sustainable Studies minors are able to communicate professionally about the environment, human rights, policy and ethics that directly influence their own lives and communities.

Sustainable Studies Points of Distinction

  • Learn about ecological, economic and social systems
  • Evaluate policies and belief systems that affect society and sustainability
  • Select classes from the fields of communications, science, anthropology, sociology, political science, philosophy and religion

Sustainability Studies Academic Programs

To read about specific program requirements, learning outcomes and how to apply, click on a program from the following list:

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