There is no better general preparation for a career in dramaturgy than an undergraduate liberal-arts theatre major; and, arguably, there is no career in the professional theatre that an undergraduate liberal-arts theatre major better prepares a student for than professional dramaturgy.

—Cary M. Mazer, "Dramaturgy in the Classroom"

The study and analysis of theatre require an interdisciplinary approach. Students must learn about playwriting, acting, directing, design, and production. They must hone critical skills, delve into historical research, and practice effective communication. The Theatre Studies & Dramaturgy program challenges students to analyze the content of performances as well as the contexts in which they occur. Moreover, students must learn to put theoretical thinking into creative action by participating directly in the making of theatre. Asking students to approach theatre both as an object of scholarly study and as a process of production, the program offers training for future theatre makers, educators, critics, and scholars. It introduces students to professional paths in the performing arts such as dramaturgy, play development, advocacy, and arts administration. It also prepares students for success in other fields that value interpretation, exploration, and collaboration.

Is Dramaturgy for Me?

Whatever their individual jobs may be, effective dramaturgs—we can call them "theatre experts"—are linked by their abilities to analyze texts, their communication skills, and their solid understanding of theatre history and dramatic literature. Theatre Studies & Dramaturgy will be the right program for you if you:

  • care about the role that theatre plays in society
  • like to ask questions and pursue answers
  • love the collaborative nature of the theatre process
  • enjoy writing and communicating ideas

Theatre Studies & Dramaturgy Academic Programs

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