After the student chooses costume design they continue developing other basic skills, including costume construction, shop practices, and rendering techniques.

The third year and fourth year are focused on design and conceptual experience, both in the studio and in actual production work. Webster is one of the few undergraduate institutions where students design all of the productions. Faculty input on production work is given through mentoring relationships. Students see their designs realized on stage. They experience every facet of the design process including concept meetings, shopping, working with costume staff, fittings and technical and dress rehearsals.

This experience is vital to understanding the link between theory and practice. The combination of practical shop and stage work with conceptual work in the design studio creates a unique opportunity for the artists' professional growth.

Students also graduate with a portfolio of produced work in addition to projects.

Costume Design Academic Programs

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John Wylie
Head of Design/Tech

Webster students in computer lab

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Webster students in computer lab

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