The Sports Communication degree explores the various aspects of the sports industry, focusing on communication strategies and media. The program provides a unique balance of theory and practice that spans the breadth of sports cultures.

Amateur and professional sports constitute a large and growing industry with an expanding need for professional communicators. These range from children’s after-school activities, adults’ exercise, leisure, gym classes, and amateur leagues to the high school, college, and professional leagues that fill stadiums, newspaper columns, talk radio, and television channels, retail sporting goods, video games, fantasy sports, and sports betting. This major prepares students for those professional roles and to be critically reflective audience participants. A senior capstone internship or thesis project equips students for a variety of careers as professional sports communicators.

Points of Distinction

  • Students in this program will experience a unique and broad-based blend of skills-based and theoretical courses that will equip them as well-rounded sports communication practitioners, along with career exploration and networking that is built into the curriculum.
  • Courses are taught by professors who are scholars and professionals within sports communication fields.
  • The curriculum includes core courses that mirror other top sports communication programs, along with electives that allow students to tailor their program to personal interests. All this underlies a critical/skills balance that makes the program one of the most unique in the country.

Sports Communication Academic Programs

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