Data analytics is widely embraced by companies to help executives in decision making. It allows companies to more accurately see pictures of what the business is doing and aims at enabling rich insights and better decision making. Data analytics encompasses a wide range of technologies to support analyzing business data, transforming information, and generating intelligence. Technologies play important roles in the data analytics process and form the foundation of its architecture.

More and more companies need knowledgeable people to perform analysis and support an organization's success through analytically focused strategies. There is a constant demand for data analysis and information analysts who can understand databases, query data, perform activities in analytical processing, statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining.

The Walker School offers graduate and undergraduate programs to meet this demand, helping students understand the underlying concepts and methodologies that are used in the data analytics process. Students are equipped with various technologies that support effective business decision making in today's increasingly competitive environment.

The Walker School is a proud member of the SAP University Alliance Program, which enables students in select courses to gain hands-on, real-world experience with the world leader in enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems. SAP business intelligence technology empowers Walker School of Business and Technology students in their current job, promotion, or in job interviews by developing skills that employers need. Walker students can confirm their knowledge through the SAP Student Recognition Award. Learn more about Webster University's work with the SAP University Alliances.

Why Data Analytics?

Current technology involved in all aspects of business transactions and human social interaction generates an unprecedented massive amount of data. As business opportunities embedded in vast generated data lakes continue to surface, forward-looking organizations are realizing great needs in new data management and analytics technologies and professionals. In fact, recent forecasts showed Data Analyst is the most in demand job in coming years. And, survey reports maintain that, just in USA the demand for Data Analytics professionals has grown six-fold.

BS Data Analytics

The undergraduate data analytics degree program joins the fundamentals of business, database, statistics, and mathematics with data analytics and mining technologies. With this broad range of knowledge and skills, students develop their information analysis expertise and learn to use data to help business users make better decision.

MS Data Analytics

A graduate degree in data analytics is an intensive program designed to produce qualified leaders in data analytics. The focus is on the latest technologies and techniques, including applications with the newest analytics software tools and modeling. The curriculum explores data warehousing, advanced visualization, predictive and forecasting through latest analytics technologies. Students are challenged to excel in the process of transforming data into meaningful information and identifying new opportunities for the organization. Students can also explore industry-specific data applications such as marketing and healthcare analytics.

Job Outlook

  • Over a half million jobs created in "analytics skills" from 2015 through 2018. (Price Waterhouse Coppers (PWC) report based on Burning Glass data)
  • The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) forecasts a 19% growth rate for Market Research Analysts through 2024.
  • The BLS forecasts a 30% growth rate for Operations Research Analysts through 2024, much higher than average.

Data Analytics Academic Programs

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