The Master of Arts in Human Services degree at Webster University prepares students for careers improving human service delivery systems and enacting positive changes through leadership in the social services field.

Informed by Webster’s core values of inclusivity, social justice and global perspective, the human services curriculum teaches graduate students how to assist and empower diverse individuals, groups, families, and communities in need of assistance. Human services students learn to challenge their interpersonal assumptions and develop a culturally-competent approach to caring for all who need it.

Expert faculty provide a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, welcomes local and global perspectives, and encourages field experience so that human services alumni have the theoretical and skill-based background necessary to meet the needs of vulnerable populations. Coursework helps students in the human services degree program become analytical, ethical, and knowledgeable professionals who respect the dignity and diversity of the people they serve. Ultimately, the master's degree in human services enables graduates to work in a variety of the helping professions without having to seek a doctoral degree or additional professional licensure.

Points of Distinction

  • Emphasis on social justice empowers students with the tools they need to make change within social structures that institute inequalities.
  • Blended format program combines face-to-face and online instruction, catering to the busy schedules of working adults.
  • Curriculum is highly interdisciplinary, drawing on the latest knowledge in related fields like sociology, psychology, counseling, non-profit management, and gerontology.
  • Field experience component gives students the opportunity to put theory into practice through real-world learning experiences.
  • Flexible elective options allow students to personalize their degree to serve their own career interests.

Human Services Academic Programs

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