Whether you take one English class or pursue a major, you'll join a close-knit community of readers and writers who all appreciate the power and beauty of literature.

Your classes and writing workshops will be small, dynamic, and designed to foster discussion and interaction, and the English Department's cozy Pearson House and gardens will become your home away from home. You will have the chance to publish your creative writing and even work on the editorial staff of the Green Fuse, the department's literary magazine, and faculty may place your finest academic work in The Mercury. You'll learn as much from your classmates as you do from your professors, and along the way, you'll develop the critical reading, thinking, and communication skills required for success in any professional role.

Areas of Emphasis

Creative Writing (BA)

Our creative writing major allows you to choose from classes in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and playwriting. The curriculum includes writing workshops (limited to 15 students apiece) and literature classes to provide you with new creative influences and a variety of strategies to use in your own writing. Under the guidance of faculty who are published, award-winning writers, you'll widen the range of what's possible in your own work.


English (BA)

In this emphasis, you'll take core courses in literary analysis and the American and British literary traditions. In addition, you will choose from courses on a range of literatures written in English (US, British, Canadian, South African, Caribbean, Indian, etc.) as well as literature in translation from all eras; many of these courses will span cultures, time periods, and aesthetic approaches to explore a particular theme or genre such as "Love and Intrigue," "Oppression and Resistance," "Human-Animal Transformations," and "Myth and Classical Literature." You'll also have the chance to study literary criticism and theory, linguistics, and film adaptations of literary texts.


English (BA) with an Emphasis in Drama and Playwriting

In this emphasis, you'll receive a strong grounding in the rich legacy of global dramatic literature from the Greeks to the present day. Your courses will approach plays as performance texts and encourage students to read as actors, designers, writers and critics. You may also have opportunities to have your plays brought to life on the stage through collaborations with Webster's performing arts conservatory.

Points of Distinction

  • Classes are small and discussion-oriented, which encourages students to learn from one another.
  • Webster’s Visiting Writers Series gives students firsthand access to well-known and well-respected writers. Visiting writers have included Billy Collins, George Saunders and Lynda Barry.
  • The English department is a close-knit community of students and professors who meet regularly for readings, book discussions, and other activities in the Pearson House.
  • Student publications The Green Fuse and The Mercury give students experience with publishing their own creative and academic work, as well as working to edit a publication.

English Academic Programs

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