Webster University's faculty are dedicated to preparing students with the advising and guidance needed to prepare the necessary skills and direction needed to provide a strong base on which to build their careers. Academic preparation and career advising are available for all students seeking to continue into one of these fields:

Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medicine and Pre-Veterinary

Webster undergraduates may select courses designed to meet the needs of the pre-dental, pre-medical and pre-veterinary student. Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medicine and Pre-Veterinary students complete a Bachelor of Science in Biology to provide a strong background in the advancement of modern science.


Law schools look for broadly-educated individuals who precisely communicate objectives and motives. Students select courses based on their own interests and abilities to earn an undergraduate degree with a focus on pre-law. Webster's academic advisors help Pre-Law students design a curriculum that reflects the recommendations for pre-legal education developed by the Association of American Law Schools.

Please use the link below to access the American Bar Association's webpage regarding prelaw education 


Pre-Occupational Therapy

With the Washington University School of Medicine in Occupational Therapy, Webster University offers students an opportunity to pursue Pre-Occupational Therapy. In this program, students earn a bachelor's degree in Biology or Psychology at Webster University and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) from Washington University within a five-year period.


Pre-Professional Academic Programs

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