Health and science are evolving together, and exercise science is on the cutting edge of both. Webster students in this program study subjects from kinesiology to biology and develop the practical, specialized knowledge they need for professional success.

The exercise science degree provides an excellent academic foundation for students choosing to pursue graduate and professional degrees in multiple health careers, such as exercise physiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, medicine, and athletic training.

Most graduates will continue their education in a specialized post-baccalaureate program after graduation. However, students who complete the undergraduate degree are able to pursue careers as a personal trainers, wellness coordinators, and strength and conditioning coaches.

Points of Distinction

  • Rigorous biology and chemistry course requirements give students a strong foundation in the physical sciences for continued education and/or licensure as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or athletic trainer.
  • Students gain valuable experience by completing an internship in the exercise science field, working alongside industry professionals at gyms, fitness centers, recovery centers, nursing homes, and hospitals
  • Hands-on lab experience is built into the curriculum to give students the chance to practice what they learn.
  • Courses on working with special populations provide students with a global and culturally-sensitive perspective on practicing exercise science.

Exercise Science Academic Programs

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